“You love vintage too? Well, coo coo ca choo!”

A combination more typical, American and comfortable than PB and J is women and clothes. And for the past two years it’s been all about vintage clothes.

And finding this combination of estrogen and antique in my backyard was a welcome surprise today. But you have to follow the clues to find the hidden treasures and fellow hunters here.

Take the Urban Snob’s page on Facebook, it lead me to an ad for an open house sale by Pampered Peacock Vintage. And I mean open house in the most literal sense.

Tucked away in a narrow and creepy side street, Pampered Peacock Vintage is everything the name says it is. As soon as you walk through the brightly painted Tiffany Blue door you’re greeted by the smells of Chloe and Channel No. 5. The walls are peachy-brown, with gold-accented lighting. It’s warm, eclectic and extremely stylish without trying.

Six pair of eyes look up from their jewel encrusted smartphones long enough to give a quick evaluation of the “new comer.” I obviously stumbled upon a tight-knit and cautious vintage fashion community.

I searched the eyes, finding not one familiar pair, except for the woman who opened the door for me. The owner, Cachet. I’ve met her before during my frequent kickboxing workouts. I never took the time to actually talk to her, judging her before I met her.

Thinking of my pre-judgement, I quickly smile and say a bright: “Hello.”

She quickly evaluates my attire, vintage Romantic-Equestrian, and gives me the “I remember you, but I don’t know if I like you” hug. But still, it’s a welcome and she remains hospitable by asking if I’d like Naughty Cider.

I agree, take the glass, sip and begin to carefully peruse the vintage goods. Hello, polyester, rayon and ultra-suede! The familiars I find every week in my favorite thrift stores.

The clothes were selected carefully. There’s not stitch out of place or trace of a stain. The clothes range from early 40s to late 70s, and all inspire the over-priced and cheaply made clothes you find everywhere.

This vintage lover is a kindred spirit, as well as her friends. Each were clothed, colored and coiffed in vintage refinery. They’re a pleasant surprise. I’ve obviously stumbled upon a secret vintage community. And it makes me happy.

But my time with this tight-nit and well-dressed phenoms was short lived. Responsibilities and the real world need to be dealt with. But, just as I found the cookie crumbs that lead me to this community, I know that it will lead me back to them. I’ll let you know what I find.


Thrifters Creed

Irreverent and slightly jaded
I pluck treasures midst the cast-offs and faded
Imagine a blank canvas destined to be painted
In patterns and styles mall rats consider outdated


Thrifter on the hunt of a well crafted past
I’ll resew and patch history to make it last
Pay homage to a long last craft
Laying a vintage foundation many call vast


I stalk the ailes for vintage treasures
Style and quality is beyond measure
Repurpose the worn and weathered
And develop a personal style that’s untethered


Every morning awake and rejoice
Another day to give the castoffs a new voice
A little bit of vintage daily
I do it by choice

And many will question what I do
Wonder why sift through the dirt, when I can buy new
I ask: “Why do what’s expected of you?
Thrifting isn’t a fad to me, it’s for the well-styled few”


Evolution of (Partially) Thrifted Outfit

There are times I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be the perfect example of a well stocked vintage closet. Plus, it’s summer and who wants to wear polyester in the heat…Phew!

So begins my journey to create something perfect for the season but thrifted too…


It’s the perfect mix of summer staples: The medium blue chambray, the stripes, the above the knee black skirt and to add some edge, black sandles. It was perfect…until I washed the skirt, when it’s supposed to be dry cleaned!

It took me 2 months to find another black skirt to do it justice.


I found this drab, almost midi, but yet not maxi black skirt at Goodwill for $3. It’s the perfect replacement.

I used some stitch witchery and bought some new buttons…


And a found a lighter shirt at Old Navy…


And created a lighter, much chicer, version of the one I partially destroyed (also too hot for the season).

Much better!

Stay Thrifty my Loves!

Keep Calm and Thrift On

Yes…you’ve seen or heard part of this historical saying before. It’s derived from the British saying: Keep Calm and Carry On. Which was plastered on every home, office and subway station and meant to be a morale booster during the Second World War.

And it’s my morale booster now.

Last March I took a chance to retool my wardrobe and rediscover my style. Then met a boy…you know the story…

I thought loved him. Six months later I found he didn’t love me. And I was dumped for the worst reason : because I’m not white. I was in a tailspin. I couldn’t get my sense of empowerment back. I became depressed and stopped blogging.

I did what many of us do in these situations: I jumped into another 6 month rebound relationship.

But I woke up. I realized that I have to not be afraid to be single and move on with the things I love. And, when I do find love I have to NEVER give up on my dreams.

So here I am. Keeping calm about being (***gulp***) single and carrying on with my thrift blog. My first true love. The man-boys…they’ll have to come third. ;P

I’m back! I feel much more like thrifty / witty self. And wait til you see what I’ve been up to lately. Oooo lah lah. I have much to share. ;D

As always…Keep it Thrifty!

Evolution of a Thrifted Outfit

Thrifted white shirts provide the perfect canvas.  Pile on chunky necklaces, use it as the backdrop to your funky scarf, and my standby: Dye it!

Like this plain, boring; slightly pink t-shirt:


Which I dyed this lovely wine color.


Of course I couldn’t leave this perfect fall piece all alone. So this tan corderory vest seemed the perfect fit.



These boots are the only non-thrifted item. But, they were worth every cent of the $48.50 I paid for them!


Throw on some dark denim skinnies and they make the perfect apple picking outfit…now, if only my boyfriend would take me apple picking! Ahem! ;D

Til next time…Keep it Thrifty!


Thrifted D.I.Y.: Dye, DYE; DYE!




This post is about one thing.  It’s about an idea, a need and a skirt.  This skirt:


Which looked like it belongs on one of those disney teen television shows…something a nearly 30 year old woman should stay far away from.
So I dyed it with a mixture of forest green, navy and black and it came out this merky eggplant. Thankfully the flower pattern remained. And I now call it my: Thrifty Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil…


It’s everything I needed this $1 skirt to be: simple, versatile, perfect for fall and flattering A-line skirt. For a total of $3 ($1 for the skirt and $2 for the dye).

Lastly, this shirt was boxy and had these hideous “Princess Bride” sleeves…


So I cut off the sleeves and dyed it Taupe…


And tuned it into a very 60s casual boho look. This is a huge step out of the jeans and heels box I like to check every dress down Friday. But I look forward to warm weather next year, or maybe I can find a long-sleeve shirt in a complimentary color.

So what do you all think? Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

When It Rains, I Thrift….Again!

There’s something about the tinkling or thunderous pounding of rain that makes people quarantine themselves until the wet plague is over.  While I…I welcome the rain.  Stick out my tongue at an oncoming shower, dance in it…and you better believe I’ll shop in it from now on!


Either this is Ethnic print or a funky Chevron stripe…no matter, this is still chic for the fall. Same goes for the necklace which I thrifted this week as well.


Yet another vintage goodie! This cashmere cardigan is a beautiful teal with textured gold buttons, by the brand “Mary Sachs” for Hadley. This brand was specially for the Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pa. area.


Oooo! Another vintage sweater, this semi-sheer, mightnight blue one is from Pendleton.


This light jacket or heavy cardigan (depending on how I style it) is made purely of wool by the brand Sparrow. Never heard of it…but it’s a gorgeous color and makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood!


Yes…another blazer! But, I’m honing in on the prep school vibe it’s sending me and I’ll be sewing a patch on!


Finally, I only bought this shirt with my boyfriend in mind. I’m in love with the “boyfriend” look, especially with black leggings and these Ed Hardy brown knee-high rugby boots from Amazon!

That’s all I have for now my loves! I can’t wait to share how I styled these goodies!

As I always say…Keep it Thrifty!

A Thrifted and a Gifted

I must say…last week might have been my favorite thrifted outfits from the past month.  There were no easy pairings this week…nothing jumped out at me and said: “Wear me.”

I needed to pair colors and patterns that I wouldn’t…be bold!  Comfort zone be gone!

So this outfit suited my needs perfectly:


Here’s something I’ve never done before…paired a cool and warm tone together. The taupe and black polka-dot semi-sheer shirt is soft but funky while the firery tomato red accordian pleated skirt wakes up the outfit.

This outfit has a special place in my heart because it’s from my noyfriend (may the ‘awww’ing commence). This very basic baby blue and yellow striped shirt was easy to style with a thin brown belt (thrifted), chestnut boots and brown Louis Button inspired purse. Super cozy, casual, fall appropriate and meaningful!


Keep it Thrifty!

Thrift Haul in Reverse!

Since I’m always showingh what I buy at thrift stores I figured I’d share what I’m giving away:


My oh my has my style changed! I was practically living in the juniors section and New York and Company.

I’m proud that I’ve made a transformation…I prefer a slightly worn vintage wedge from Candies over a slinky black top from Penny’s; an obscure textured plum clutch over another black handbag. Sheesh! Now that I think about it, do I even wear black anymore?

What I’m rambling on about is that I’ve come a long way to this fashionable point. I know who I am and what I’m about and I’m confident about it.

30 here I come. ;D