Thrifted D.I.Y.: Dye, DYE; DYE!




This post is about one thing.  It’s about an idea, a need and a skirt.  This skirt:


Which looked like it belongs on one of those disney teen television shows…something a nearly 30 year old woman should stay far away from.
So I dyed it with a mixture of forest green, navy and black and it came out this merky eggplant. Thankfully the flower pattern remained. And I now call it my: Thrifty Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil…


It’s everything I needed this $1 skirt to be: simple, versatile, perfect for fall and flattering A-line skirt. For a total of $3 ($1 for the skirt and $2 for the dye).

Lastly, this shirt was boxy and had these hideous “Princess Bride” sleeves…


So I cut off the sleeves and dyed it Taupe…


And tuned it into a very 60s casual boho look. This is a huge step out of the jeans and heels box I like to check every dress down Friday. But I look forward to warm weather next year, or maybe I can find a long-sleeve shirt in a complimentary color.

So what do you all think? Comments and suggestions are appreciated!