Keep Calm and Thrift On

Yes…you’ve seen or heard part of this historical saying before. It’s derived from the British saying: Keep Calm and Carry On. Which was plastered on every home, office and subway station and meant to be a morale booster during the Second World War.

And it’s my morale booster now.

Last March I took a chance to retool my wardrobe and rediscover my style. Then met a boy…you know the story…

I thought loved him. Six months later I found he didn’t love me. And I was dumped for the worst reason : because I’m not white. I was in a tailspin. I couldn’t get my sense of empowerment back. I became depressed and stopped blogging.

I did what many of us do in these situations: I jumped into another 6 month rebound relationship.

But I woke up. I realized that I have to not be afraid to be single and move on with the things I love. And, when I do find love I have to NEVER give up on my dreams.

So here I am. Keeping calm about being (***gulp***) single and carrying on with my thrift blog. My first true love. The man-boys…they’ll have to come third. ;P

I’m back! I feel much more like thrifty / witty self. And wait til you see what I’ve been up to lately. Oooo lah lah. I have much to share. ;D

As always…Keep it Thrifty!