Thrift Haul in Reverse!

Since I’m always showingh what I buy at thrift stores I figured I’d share what I’m giving away:


My oh my has my style changed! I was practically living in the juniors section and New York and Company.

I’m proud that I’ve made a transformation…I prefer a slightly worn vintage wedge from Candies over a slinky black top from Penny’s; an obscure textured plum clutch over another black handbag. Sheesh! Now that I think about it, do I even wear black anymore?

What I’m rambling on about is that I’ve come a long way to this fashionable point. I know who I am and what I’m about and I’m confident about it.

30 here I come. ;D


One Thrifted-Vintage Skirt Styled 3 Ways

I recently purchased this vintage skirt:


I could go trendy by adding a black lace top from Forever 21:


…Or concervative:


…Or what I call “Retro Prairie-Girl”:


I ended up going with:


This skirt is definitely one of the best thrifted purchases…by far! I can’t wait to wear the other versions!

When It Rains, I Thrift!

Has anyone else noticed that rain deters people from shopping?!  I did, and I used that to my advantage this weekend!

I scored some divine pieces this week on two of the nastiest rain-filled days:

Vintage vintage vintage! I can’t get enough and this perfect accordion pleated skirt has the Union Made tag and $1.50 price to prove it belonged in my closet.


This roomy pintucked/crotched tunic was hidden amongst ratty white t-shirts. It had no stains, tears or tags! Perhaps another perfect vintage find?! Of course I can’t leave this garment in its prestine state, because white never stays ! I plan to dye this a dark royal blue with dye from Dharma Trading Company.


Saw this and thought: Gold grommets! I plan to buy a 3/8th” grommet kit from the hardware store and line the lapel with them….soooo excited for this d.i.y.!


The Navy is a part of the U.S. military, right?! Sooooo, I should be able to get away with this Nautical jacket in the fall. Especially if I wear all a tight black tank, black straight leg pants and a small gold clutch!


I have looked for a wool pencil skirt in this color for so long…and I bought this one for $1.50! I think it could got very well with the tan jacket above.


I can’t wait to rip apart, sew back together and dye my thifted pieces! As always: Keep it thrifty!

Three Thrifted Outfits Gone Right!

I haven’t had much access to things that inspire me like my favorite spot…


And, thanks to the minor quake and two tropical storms that kept me inside and far away from my favorite thrift stores.  But, somehow I mustered up my imagination and styled these two mostly thrifted outfits:

The first I styled on a colorful whim after I spotted it nestled between some denim and floral dresses from the 90s. It’s absolutely hand made vintage perfection!  The cool jewel tones, cinched waistline, short sleeves make it appropriate for summer AND fall. Especially if I style it with a light weight cream turtleneck or long sleeve t-shirt, cream patterned tights and my cognac boots.


This second outfit kind of embodies my style, which I call: Artisan. I wasn’t blessed with the ability to create through paint, brush, pencil and paper. But, I can conceive of an outfit and use my dress form as my canvas…molding an idea…creating and revising as I go.


If you’ve read my blog before you know I love to tie-dye…this was my first experiment in low water immersion dying. I paired it with some dark denim skinnies and my favorite thrifted brandy wedges making this outfit an easy choice for a laid-back afternoon.


More to come…Til then, keep it thrifty!

Thrifty Fall Fashion: It’s raining menswear!



Textured sweater vests!

Vests with foxes!


I’m falling for Fall! Autumnal fashion trends abound! Another one I picked up on is: Menswear!

I’ve never been interested in what mall clothing stores offered for this trend, but thrift stores have supplied almost every need! Check it ouuuut!:






I feel like I’m missing something…some ties perhaps? Or a boxy jacket?…Maybe embracing this trend could also mean to embrace the simplicity of menswear in my own wardrobe.

Such as this fall/winter thrifted outfit that features the rose suspenders for menswear, black skinny pants and boots for the red and black combination trend! Check it ouuut:


What do you guys think? Do i need simething else to rock this trend? I am always open to suggestions and definitely comments!

Thrifty D.I.Y.: Getting Tie-Dyed Up in Knots

Every Friday I struggle with the same thing: I can’t find anything to wear!

Thrifting has opened my eyes. It has drastically changed my taste in clothes. But now I have a tough time finding what to wear with jeans. A simple t-shirt, jeans and sneakers won’t suffice…I’ve never been that girl. And I get my fill of high heels Monday through Thursday so I needed a middle ground…so I decided to start dying my clothes.

I started with this dingy white shirt I thrifted for $3.99 at the Salvation Army in Mount Pocono that I wanted to dye a deep cranberry, with darker wine colored splotches. Then I researched low immersion dying and figured that was the easiest solution. But, I couldn’t find any soda ash so went through with it anyway and it turned out like this:


It wasn’t the piece of art I was looking to create.
So I repeated my steps but soaked the shirt in a hot soda ash bathe for 30 minutes first. The shirt is currently soaking in the same dye bath for the past 3 days…hopefully that makes the dye stick! I’ll update the post as soon as it’s done!

My small dye mishap didn’t stop me from dying this open cardigan/wrap and a searsucker jacket:



This open cardigan was begging to be dyed too, so I low immersed it in falls hottest color: Peacock Blue (combination of Evening Blue and Forest Green).

As for the searsucker…



I call it my “Calm After the Storm” jacket. It goes perfectly with a black camisole and black pants for work or any color jeans for the weekend! I love cheap versatility!

That’s all for now. Hope everyones fall shopping is going well. Keep it thrifty!

Thrifty Fall Fashion: The 70s and Jewel Tone Hues

Bring on the kaleidoscope of fall colors!  The apple cider!  The hay rides with my sweetie!

My favorite season is almost upon us!   Okay, not really but I’m so antsy about fall getting here I’m already planning outfits!

I’m itching to get all thrifty on this seasons HUGE trend (imho): the 70s.  I’m ready with my midi and maxi skirts, flared trousers and jeans, patterned sweater vest, tie dye and Grannie dresses (if you don’t know what it is, look it up!)

Fall foliage is the prime material for fall color inspiration.  You normally see various shades of red, yellow, orangre, brown and green.  Then there’s another fall color standard: jewel tones.  I don’t own many jewel toned pieces, so I will be relying on my evern improving dying skills to recreate some of my thrifted favorites!

Here are some of my top thrifted fall wardrobe pieces:

70s Cobalt blue shirt dress

My Ann of Green Gables

Hunter green flowy skirt

Cherry swing skirt

Black swing skirt professional look

Black swing skirt casual look

Sangria skirt professional look

Sangria skirt casual look

That’s all I have for now…Sorry for the odd picture sizing.  My WordPress app doesn’t like!  Funny since they’re made by the same company!  Oh well…onto better posts with better pictures…but still, VERY thrifty!

Keep on thrifting!

Thrifted D.I.Y.: Alterations

To be original, you have to go back to the origin.  And, if you need to, improve or alter it to suit your individual taste.Take this shirt for example.  It’s a beautiful cream frilly shirt with princess sleeves.

I love everything but those sleeves.  Soooo, I ripped them out with my seam ripper, folded the edge down, ironed it and bonded it with my stitch witchery.

I tried it on again and it was boxy, so I sewed in a tuck right under the armpit to give it an hourglass figure.

Next on the list is this Black lace dress I purchased for $1 at Volunteers of America.  Very billowy…very 70s…very big…and may be very time consuming.

It’s proof that not everything can be solved with my nimble fingers, sewing kit and stitch witchery! But, I found a local seamstress who I hope can help alter this into a multi-purpose LBD. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I’ll be leaving Blogger for WordPress and Tumblr. PLEASE check me out!

As always….Happy Thrifting!

New Directions!

This is a renewal…

A rededication…

A rediscovery of the love of my craft and all of the social media tools that will savvily help me get there!  So I bid farewell because it lacks the social networking, mobile application functionality and widgets I’m looking for in a social media platform.  😦

Anyways…here I am and will stay for a while.  But I also added a Tumblr account here.

Thanks for having me and I can’t wait to get my first post up!

Man, Oh Mannequin!

I finally have it!

The one ‘THING’ that will take my blog away from amature to the professional.

A dress form…aka a mannequin sans appendages!

A friend is a craigslist aficionado  found it and about 10 others for $50 a piece which is a lot so I said no.  But, two weeks later the seller slashed the price in half and here ‘she’ is!  ;D

She’s about a size 6 and an instant mind opener.  It didn’t take me long to come up with today’s very conservative outfit.  It’s definitely not going on my favorite thrifted list, but at least you can get an idea of how I’ll use the mannequin.

I can’t wait for the heming, altering and styling that’s to come!