Thrifters Creed

Irreverent and slightly jaded
I pluck treasures midst the cast-offs and faded
Imagine a blank canvas destined to be painted
In patterns and styles mall rats consider outdated


Thrifter on the hunt of a well crafted past
I’ll resew and patch history to make it last
Pay homage to a long last craft
Laying a vintage foundation many call vast


I stalk the ailes for vintage treasures
Style and quality is beyond measure
Repurpose the worn and weathered
And develop a personal style that’s untethered


Every morning awake and rejoice
Another day to give the castoffs a new voice
A little bit of vintage daily
I do it by choice

And many will question what I do
Wonder why sift through the dirt, when I can buy new
I ask: “Why do what’s expected of you?
Thrifting isn’t a fad to me, it’s for the well-styled few”



When It Rains, I Thrift….Again!

There’s something about the tinkling or thunderous pounding of rain that makes people quarantine themselves until the wet plague is over.  While I…I welcome the rain.  Stick out my tongue at an oncoming shower, dance in it…and you better believe I’ll shop in it from now on!


Either this is Ethnic print or a funky Chevron stripe…no matter, this is still chic for the fall. Same goes for the necklace which I thrifted this week as well.


Yet another vintage goodie! This cashmere cardigan is a beautiful teal with textured gold buttons, by the brand “Mary Sachs” for Hadley. This brand was specially for the Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pa. area.


Oooo! Another vintage sweater, this semi-sheer, mightnight blue one is from Pendleton.


This light jacket or heavy cardigan (depending on how I style it) is made purely of wool by the brand Sparrow. Never heard of it…but it’s a gorgeous color and makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood!


Yes…another blazer! But, I’m honing in on the prep school vibe it’s sending me and I’ll be sewing a patch on!


Finally, I only bought this shirt with my boyfriend in mind. I’m in love with the “boyfriend” look, especially with black leggings and these Ed Hardy brown knee-high rugby boots from Amazon!

That’s all I have for now my loves! I can’t wait to share how I styled these goodies!

As I always say…Keep it Thrifty!

Thrift Haul in Reverse!

Since I’m always showingh what I buy at thrift stores I figured I’d share what I’m giving away:


My oh my has my style changed! I was practically living in the juniors section and New York and Company.

I’m proud that I’ve made a transformation…I prefer a slightly worn vintage wedge from Candies over a slinky black top from Penny’s; an obscure textured plum clutch over another black handbag. Sheesh! Now that I think about it, do I even wear black anymore?

What I’m rambling on about is that I’ve come a long way to this fashionable point. I know who I am and what I’m about and I’m confident about it.

30 here I come. ;D

Three Thrifted Outfits Gone Right!

I haven’t had much access to things that inspire me like my favorite spot…


And, thanks to the minor quake and two tropical storms that kept me inside and far away from my favorite thrift stores.  But, somehow I mustered up my imagination and styled these two mostly thrifted outfits:

The first I styled on a colorful whim after I spotted it nestled between some denim and floral dresses from the 90s. It’s absolutely hand made vintage perfection!  The cool jewel tones, cinched waistline, short sleeves make it appropriate for summer AND fall. Especially if I style it with a light weight cream turtleneck or long sleeve t-shirt, cream patterned tights and my cognac boots.


This second outfit kind of embodies my style, which I call: Artisan. I wasn’t blessed with the ability to create through paint, brush, pencil and paper. But, I can conceive of an outfit and use my dress form as my canvas…molding an idea…creating and revising as I go.


If you’ve read my blog before you know I love to tie-dye…this was my first experiment in low water immersion dying. I paired it with some dark denim skinnies and my favorite thrifted brandy wedges making this outfit an easy choice for a laid-back afternoon.


More to come…Til then, keep it thrifty!

New Directions!

This is a renewal…

A rededication…

A rediscovery of the love of my craft and all of the social media tools that will savvily help me get there!  So I bid farewell because it lacks the social networking, mobile application functionality and widgets I’m looking for in a social media platform.  😦

Anyways…here I am and will stay for a while.  But I also added a Tumblr account here.

Thanks for having me and I can’t wait to get my first post up!

Thrift Gold Mine: Volunteer of America’s 10 for $10

Volunteers of America is one thrifted store that is undervalued and unappreciated.  It’s my little secret weapon for jewelry.

I went there last Thursday after the post work traffic and after my migraine/allergy/body ache tri-fecta subsided.  The stores weekly 10 for $10 sale was exactly what the fashion doctor ordered.

First this rainbow spaghetti strapped dress with only the “union made” tags attached.  I would say it’s early 60s…

Then this royal blue midi shirt dress that’s clearly from the 70s.

This mint green shirt dress. It’s missing a belt and is extremely boxy without it; luckily I have several brown braided belts.  I also tucked the dress into a printed skirt that has tiered teal green border.  (That picture will be in an upcoming post!  😉 )

This black dress doesn’t look like anything special at first glance, in fact it looks 2 sizes too big but somehow it fits! Its a typical 70s party dress, a-line skirt, elastic in the waist to cinch and billowy up top. But, I know something you don’t know…the lace hits my chest so perfectly that I called a professional seamstress to have a fitting done asap!

Now onto the blazers. These two were a serious steal. The first is a perfect condition, black polyester jacket with sateen finish by David Benjamin (whose clothing can be found on ebay).

Then there’s this perfect fire engine red Pendelton blazer, which should go for about $250.  And look at those beautiful buttons!

And of course I also found some skirts to add to mystery growing skirt collection. LOL. First this scarlet red midi-maxi skirt that has the most peculiar, but flattering, upside-down handkerchief design at the waist.

And second skirt is out of my fashion comfort zone because of the fruit/flower pattern all over the skirt. I know, it’s too sweet. Too flowery…too pink. But I loved how it sits on the curves of my body. I’ll make it work somehow. ;D

Lastly, this navy blue blouse by Woolco. It’s bright and simple; absolutely perfect shirt to pair with a snazzy skirt.

That’s it. I know you only see 9 pieces but the 10th was a tan slip. Thanks to Volunteers or America for your super thrifty sales and divine jewelry.

I hole you guys enjoyed my first Dollar Day haul.  I know I did.  ;D

Keep on thrifting!

Favorite Thrifted Outfits of the Week

I have been thanking the fashion “gods” for that 10 for $10 sale at Volunteers of America.  Some of the pieces I found blended perfectly with some thrifted pieces I bought when I first started, but couldn’t find pieces to create the “look” I was going for.
First up…

This is a crazy pair, and this is why: The satiny shirt…it’s a nightie that I plucked from the middle of the women’s short sleeve shirt section at the Salvation Army.  It has this killer v-neck that would normally be inappropriate for work, but has a gorgeous lace embroidery to make it sexy and fitting for the workplace.  The skirt is from my most recent “Stitch Witchery” fun, and makes a great skirt, unfortunately it wrinkles too easily…*sigh*

This outfit is “Accidental Inappropriate Work Attire Gone from Wrong to Ohhhhhh SO Right.”  It started out with that top…well you may know it as the mint green dress from the 10 for $10 post.  I don’t know what I was trying to do that morning by wearing the cream slip and the dress with a brown braided belt.  Fashion luck would have it and I was finishing up making that skirt smaller…the mint green “top” actually matches the dark hunter green border on the tiers of the skirt…the shoes were in the trunk of my car!

I call this My 70s Summer. I wore it with a neutral cardigan that matched the shoes making this perfect for business casual and change into strappy gold high heels to match the long gold chain (sorry…you can’t see it)

That’s all I have my Fashionables!

My Thrifty Style – Brown Is the New Black

Every year there’s a new color…this Spring it was soft colors like pale pink, rose, peach and pale neutrals.  While this summer it’s all about punchy bright colors like coral, cobalt blue and various neons.  And every year everyone says black is in…Black never goes out of style…Black goes with everything.  It’s a classic.

Just like everyone else, I used to own so many black articles of clothing people used to ask if I was from NYC.  Now I say Brown is in.  I’m kind of obsessed with converting and transforming myself and my closet with this earthy color.

Yes, black it can be chic.  But an all black outfit is harsh and doesn’t fit the feminine look I’m going for.  So, I opt to trade out some black accessories uch as a belt for a brown suede with gold detailing.  It nips in my waist and is kind of quirky curve ball.  Love it!

I want to celebrate my womanly form and express my chicness is softer ways.  So brown it is.  What I’ve been doing is slowly styling items with brown; slowly fazing black out.  Now I have more brown purses, accessories and shoes than before and they come in a various shades of brown…cognac, auburn, mahogany,  etc.

Maybe I love brown because it compliments and warms my own shade of brown, a mix of sepia and sienna…or maybe its more of a dark cognac.
Whatever the official shade, this earthy color is bees knees to me.

Thrift…For Your Wallets Sake

Since I’ve rediscovered my love for thrifting and rekindled my talent for finding the fashion needle in the uninspiring haystack. I’ve been trying fruitlessly, to encourage my fashion forward girlfriends to join me, and what I got what this…

Aren’t you worried someone will consider you CHEAP?!

Cheap? CHEAP?! I don’t know if they’ve been looking at the news, reading the papers, checking their bank accounts or empty gas tanks. But, the economy isn’t in a better place. Gas is going up, along with food,
clothing, electronics, and anything that’s driven by a big gas guzzling truck.

So in the spirit of being frugal, economical, prudent, cheap…and parsimonious (;-)), here are my top five list of why it’s important to thrift:

Thrift Store Prices Don’t Change with the Price of Gas or Oil…YAY!!!
Because people donate goods sold in thrift stores are sifted through by volunteers. Since there’s no one on the payroll, prices don’t have the gas or labor tied to them.

No Coupon, Text Message or Code Needed to Enjoy Discounts
Most thrift stores, like my favorites Community Aid and Salvation Army, offer 50% off every day (depending on the designated tag color). And of course there’s Wacky Wednesday where the entire store is half-off, except collectables or extremely new items.

Thrift Stores Change with the Seasons
People have to remember, thrift stores are still retailers. They know you’re most likely not going to buy a $2.99 cable knit sweater instead of a lace cami in the beginning of summer. Thrift stores are marketing to you the consumer, just like any other store. So when you come in that sweater will be rows away, while the tanks and shorts will be some of the first rows you see.

Access to VERY Deeply Discounted Vintage Items
Thrift stores are a fantastic way to add individual style to your wardrobe and set yourself apart. No one is going to style pieces you buy the same way. Especially if you deliberately, but successfully, search for brands
that don’t exist anymore, like me!

Thrift Stores are Inspirational
You may be surrounded by odd smells and you may sneeze every time you shift a hanger, but for those of us who don’t live in New York, Boston, Philadelphia or some other metropolitan city, we need inspiration! Take the items below…

The dress is imply 70s; what some call a Midi (not really full-length, not short, just in the middle).  It fits perfectly at the smallest part of my waist and flares out at the bottom.  As soon as I saw this, I stood in awe. I pictured this cool rosie color against my milk chocolate skin and I thought, rose bush. I needed something green…leafy green so I when I found this cloisonné necklace I knew my vision was meant to be.

After those two significant purchases, everything else fell into place easily. The earrings were free, something I found in my mother’s jewelry box, the cognac belt from Goodwill broke up the dress and the cognac wedges complimented everything nicely. What a pretty rose bush I made!

As always…Keep on Thrifting!!!

Thriftily Outfitted: Week 1

Hello fabbies! I may have topped myself already!

I’ve been so excited to share what I’ve styled for this week, but I held off so I can try something new. Instead of rushing a “outfit of the day” post everyday, I’ll be posting them once a week. It will save me time, allow for thought provoking and visually pleasing content, and the addition of more articles about my thrifting adventures.
The Thrifty Run-Down
What we have in this weeks collection…Monday: red and white animal print skirt and frilly 50s inspired sweater.  Tuesday: a gauzy, semi-sheer pink blouse paired with a nautical skirt for a look made for the 70s.  Wednesday: a peridot green dress from a big name brand that has a drop waist and soft polo collar that screams 20s and…Thursday: a navy mini polka-dotted skirt from the 90s coupled with a blouse from the 80s!

Main Attraction
My gams! (FYI: Retro speak for legs. ;D) I can’t get enough of them, and working at a conservative and fashion illiterate environment won’t ever stop me.

Red, White and Cute All Over

1970s Thrift Done Right
Green with Thrift Envy

Button me Up and call me Thrifty

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from my readers. Enjoy!!!