“You love vintage too? Well, coo coo ca choo!”

A combination more typical, American and comfortable than PB and J is women and clothes. And for the past two years it’s been all about vintage clothes.

And finding this combination of estrogen and antique in my backyard was a welcome surprise today. But you have to follow the clues to find the hidden treasures and fellow hunters here.

Take the Urban Snob’s page on Facebook, it lead me to an ad for an open house sale by Pampered Peacock Vintage. And I mean open house in the most literal sense.

Tucked away in a narrow and creepy side street, Pampered Peacock Vintage is everything the name says it is. As soon as you walk through the brightly painted Tiffany Blue door you’re greeted by the smells of Chloe and Channel No. 5. The walls are peachy-brown, with gold-accented lighting. It’s warm, eclectic and extremely stylish without trying.

Six pair of eyes look up from their jewel encrusted smartphones long enough to give a quick evaluation of the “new comer.” I obviously stumbled upon a tight-knit and cautious vintage fashion community.

I searched the eyes, finding not one familiar pair, except for the woman who opened the door for me. The owner, Cachet. I’ve met her before during my frequent kickboxing workouts. I never took the time to actually talk to her, judging her before I met her.

Thinking of my pre-judgement, I quickly smile and say a bright: “Hello.”

She quickly evaluates my attire, vintage Romantic-Equestrian, and gives me the “I remember you, but I don’t know if I like you” hug. But still, it’s a welcome and she remains hospitable by asking if I’d like Naughty Cider.

I agree, take the glass, sip and begin to carefully peruse the vintage goods. Hello, polyester, rayon and ultra-suede! The familiars I find every week in my favorite thrift stores.

The clothes were selected carefully. There’s not stitch out of place or trace of a stain. The clothes range from early 40s to late 70s, and all inspire the over-priced and cheaply made clothes you find everywhere.

This vintage lover is a kindred spirit, as well as her friends. Each were clothed, colored and coiffed in vintage refinery. They’re a pleasant surprise. I’ve obviously stumbled upon a secret vintage community. And it makes me happy.

But my time with this tight-nit and well-dressed phenoms was short lived. Responsibilities and the real world need to be dealt with. But, just as I found the cookie crumbs that lead me to this community, I know that it will lead me back to them. I’ll let you know what I find.


Evolution of (Partially) Thrifted Outfit

There are times I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be the perfect example of a well stocked vintage closet. Plus, it’s summer and who wants to wear polyester in the heat…Phew!

So begins my journey to create something perfect for the season but thrifted too…


It’s the perfect mix of summer staples: The medium blue chambray, the stripes, the above the knee black skirt and to add some edge, black sandles. It was perfect…until I washed the skirt, when it’s supposed to be dry cleaned!

It took me 2 months to find another black skirt to do it justice.


I found this drab, almost midi, but yet not maxi black skirt at Goodwill for $3. It’s the perfect replacement.

I used some stitch witchery and bought some new buttons…


And a found a lighter shirt at Old Navy…


And created a lighter, much chicer, version of the one I partially destroyed (also too hot for the season).

Much better!

Stay Thrifty my Loves!

Thrifty Fall Fashion: The 70s and Jewel Tone Hues

Bring on the kaleidoscope of fall colors!  The apple cider!  The hay rides with my sweetie!

My favorite season is almost upon us!   Okay, not really but I’m so antsy about fall getting here I’m already planning outfits!

I’m itching to get all thrifty on this seasons HUGE trend (imho): the 70s.  I’m ready with my midi and maxi skirts, flared trousers and jeans, patterned sweater vest, tie dye and Grannie dresses (if you don’t know what it is, look it up!)

Fall foliage is the prime material for fall color inspiration.  You normally see various shades of red, yellow, orangre, brown and green.  Then there’s another fall color standard: jewel tones.  I don’t own many jewel toned pieces, so I will be relying on my evern improving dying skills to recreate some of my thrifted favorites!

Here are some of my top thrifted fall wardrobe pieces:

70s Cobalt blue shirt dress

My Ann of Green Gables

Hunter green flowy skirt

Cherry swing skirt

Black swing skirt professional look

Black swing skirt casual look

Sangria skirt professional look

Sangria skirt casual look

That’s all I have for now…Sorry for the odd picture sizing.  My WordPress app doesn’t like WordPress.com!  Funny since they’re made by the same company!  Oh well…onto better posts with better pictures…but still, VERY thrifty!

Keep on thrifting!

Thrift…For Your Wallets Sake

Since I’ve rediscovered my love for thrifting and rekindled my talent for finding the fashion needle in the uninspiring haystack. I’ve been trying fruitlessly, to encourage my fashion forward girlfriends to join me, and what I got what this…

Aren’t you worried someone will consider you CHEAP?!

Cheap? CHEAP?! I don’t know if they’ve been looking at the news, reading the papers, checking their bank accounts or empty gas tanks. But, the economy isn’t in a better place. Gas is going up, along with food,
clothing, electronics, and anything that’s driven by a big gas guzzling truck.

So in the spirit of being frugal, economical, prudent, cheap…and parsimonious (;-)), here are my top five list of why it’s important to thrift:

Thrift Store Prices Don’t Change with the Price of Gas or Oil…YAY!!!
Because people donate goods sold in thrift stores are sifted through by volunteers. Since there’s no one on the payroll, prices don’t have the gas or labor tied to them.

No Coupon, Text Message or Code Needed to Enjoy Discounts
Most thrift stores, like my favorites Community Aid and Salvation Army, offer 50% off every day (depending on the designated tag color). And of course there’s Wacky Wednesday where the entire store is half-off, except collectables or extremely new items.

Thrift Stores Change with the Seasons
People have to remember, thrift stores are still retailers. They know you’re most likely not going to buy a $2.99 cable knit sweater instead of a lace cami in the beginning of summer. Thrift stores are marketing to you the consumer, just like any other store. So when you come in that sweater will be rows away, while the tanks and shorts will be some of the first rows you see.

Access to VERY Deeply Discounted Vintage Items
Thrift stores are a fantastic way to add individual style to your wardrobe and set yourself apart. No one is going to style pieces you buy the same way. Especially if you deliberately, but successfully, search for brands
that don’t exist anymore, like me!

Thrift Stores are Inspirational
You may be surrounded by odd smells and you may sneeze every time you shift a hanger, but for those of us who don’t live in New York, Boston, Philadelphia or some other metropolitan city, we need inspiration! Take the items below…

The dress is imply 70s; what some call a Midi (not really full-length, not short, just in the middle).  It fits perfectly at the smallest part of my waist and flares out at the bottom.  As soon as I saw this, I stood in awe. I pictured this cool rosie color against my milk chocolate skin and I thought, rose bush. I needed something green…leafy green so I when I found this cloisonné necklace I knew my vision was meant to be.

After those two significant purchases, everything else fell into place easily. The earrings were free, something I found in my mother’s jewelry box, the cognac belt from Goodwill broke up the dress and the cognac wedges complimented everything nicely. What a pretty rose bush I made!

As always…Keep on Thrifting!!!

Can You Dig This Bunny At Her Gig?

Can you dig the mixture of pulsating color and retro texture?  Can you dig the A line dress that is neither too long nor too short…it’s just right?  Can you dig this assemble created by this blossoming thrift stylist/blogger?

I definitely did! When I finally gathered the pieces to this ensemble, I felt like a transfixed suburbanite transformed into a little caposhi dudette (=cool chick). At least that’s how I felt yesterday. What makes it even better, it’s my 1st all thrifted outfit!

The dress is an authentic vintage piece of 70s history. And, even more rare, it’s in perfect condition! I didn’t have to mend a single stitch. I wish I could tell you the brand, but the “label” (a piece of ribbon stitched with the brand) is curled up from old age. But, the Union Made tag is in-tact. It’s a vibrant Cerise (thanks Neckties.com) and looks as if it was dyed yesterday, with a cloth belt in the same color.

I paired it with light brown sugar colored leather and cork wedges (Community Aid -$4.50), a cute but basic addition. The cognac braided belt (Goodwill -$2) adds some texture, draws attention to the smallest part of my waist, and breaks up the dresses strong color.

The faux jade necklace (Salvation Army -$3.99) is my 2nd favorite thrifted piece and my wild card. It doesn’t seem like it would be matched, but if you take a closer look the “jade” is intermingled with a heavy white bead, etched in gold rose that is painted in with such a close shade of Cerise that it makes the necklace an unpredictable, but obvious choice.
Til I catch you on the thrifty flip-side…Happy Thrifting!!!

Dandelion Wishes and Cerulean Blue Dreams

I needed to wear this outfit today.  It was the perfect Moody Monday buster.

From the simple white cotton t-shirt, the frilly navy blue top, blue flowered patterned skirt, burgandy belt to call attention to my small waist and cognac brown wedges serve as the perfect neutral.

But let’s focus on my favorite item, the skirt,for a moment.  It was thrifted for $1.50, circa early 90s, perfect condition; polyester-cotton blend with a slight sheen.

It reminds me of my childhood summers lying on green crab grass, making numerous dandelion wishes to the cerulean blue sky.  The skirt is my childhood, made perfectly for my adulthood.

My Holy Trinity of Thrift Stores

If you love to shop like me, then you know that shopping for authentic, mint-condition vintage is work!

Coordinating your wardrobe and transforming your closet to accommodate your evolving taste in clothes, shoes and accessories isn’t easy and you have to be prepared.  I mean the kind of preparaed that takes packing food in your car, also some baby wipes and hand sanitizer in your cross-body satchel!

I’m a Thrift Road Warrior, with only three stores to choose from…My Thrifty Holy Trinity are so reliable and easy on my wallet…I would lay my right hand on the Bible and swear by them!  Here’s a nice run down of my loves:

Community Aid
It has everything a thrift store should: easily accessible location, big parking lot, 50% off sales almost  every day, large quantities of gently discounted but high quality goods…and the best Wacky Wednesday in town.

I’ve garnered the most inspiration, clothes and shoes from this one store. There’s never a day when I go to “browse,” that I don’t find some piece that would suit my flourishing throwback Spring wardrobe perfectly.  Just this last Wednesday I acquired these lovelies…

Authentic 70s Party Dress for $1.00…AND it’s in perfect condition
Cream Floral Blouse from Foxcroft for $1.50
Sheer Black and White Blouse from H&M – $2.00

Sheer Cream Blouse for $1.50
•Salvation Army

The second most important store to me is the Salvation Army that’s 2 miles away from my abode. It’s filled with goodies as soon as you enter and it’s the place where if I go looking for something specific whether it be a brown braided belt, cross-body satchel or floral skirt, I will go home victorious.

And, not only does it have the second largest amount of skirts and dresses out of the three, it carries accessories that aren’t locked behind a glass case.

Faux Jade and Flower – $3.99
It’s half the size of the other three stores in the area, there isn’t much in this store and the prices are close to co-signment store prices than a thrift store.  But, what my local Goodwill lacks quantity and low prices, it makes up with the quality of clothes and accessories.  Even though…I have nothing spectacular to share with all of you…nothing has been worth me buying.  Wah.  😦

But I have one gripe…Now I understand that thrift stores can only offer the quality and quantity that’s donated. And, Goodwill has better stock thanks to partnerships with stores like Target, Gap and the Bon-Ton (department stores) for items that wouldn’t sell, unlike the other thrift stores. But, that doesn’t mean the prices should reflect that. The whole point of a thrift store is to offer deep discounts to reel in consumers and the proceeds go to charity.  If you want people to come in, you offer deep discounts, with additional percentages off without having to buy a discount card.

<div class="separator" style="border-bottom: medium none; border-left: medium none; border-right: medium none; bo

Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome Aboard!

I meant to go nautical and went flight attendent instead yesterday.  Overall, I’m proud of the ensemble.  It’s quite charming and interchangeable!   I plan to wear the shirt with dark denim jeggings, snake skin open-toed flats and something in Cobalt blue (one of summers hot colors) will brighten it up. 

Skirt: Community Aid – $1.50
Shirt – Community Aid – $1.50
Shoes – Nine West
Jewelry – Old Navy

I also shared this with my Trimirror app buddies who adored it.  Too bad I don’t have a better camera so you can see how chic and expensive this outfit looks!  Ohhhh well!  On to my next post, til then….Happy Thrifting!

Small-City Thrifters Unite!

The more I read some of these fantastic thrift and discount fashion blogs written by Metropolitan Fashion Amazonzians, the more I realize that we small city women need a voice.  We don’t have access to big city thrift fashion like the DC Goodwill fashion blog.  We are smack dab in the middle, with access to malls where we have to hunt down trendy and cheaply made deals, hunting for the next carbon copy but cute outfit right next to girls half our age OR head to strip malls only to find robo-mom attire desired by…robo-moms.

But we thifters…we are rebels…

We crave a closet other women would drool over…

A closet that allows us to complie and create some of the most authentically thrown-together and chic outfits without having to haggle with a 17 year-old over a fitted red stripped t-shirt or stalk a mom through clothing isles who picked a dress that’s too small for her, but would be perfection on you…

Yes, we thrifters, we crave, and are in desperate need of, a thrifty fashionable outlet…

Keep on Thrifting!