“You love vintage too? Well, coo coo ca choo!”

A combination more typical, American and comfortable than PB and J is women and clothes. And for the past two years it’s been all about vintage clothes.

And finding this combination of estrogen and antique in my backyard was a welcome surprise today. But you have to follow the clues to find the hidden treasures and fellow hunters here.

Take the Urban Snob’s page on Facebook, it lead me to an ad for an open house sale by Pampered Peacock Vintage. And I mean open house in the most literal sense.

Tucked away in a narrow and creepy side street, Pampered Peacock Vintage is everything the name says it is. As soon as you walk through the brightly painted Tiffany Blue door you’re greeted by the smells of Chloe and Channel No. 5. The walls are peachy-brown, with gold-accented lighting. It’s warm, eclectic and extremely stylish without trying.

Six pair of eyes look up from their jewel encrusted smartphones long enough to give a quick evaluation of the “new comer.” I obviously stumbled upon a tight-knit and cautious vintage fashion community.

I searched the eyes, finding not one familiar pair, except for the woman who opened the door for me. The owner, Cachet. I’ve met her before during my frequent kickboxing workouts. I never took the time to actually talk to her, judging her before I met her.

Thinking of my pre-judgement, I quickly smile and say a bright: “Hello.”

She quickly evaluates my attire, vintage Romantic-Equestrian, and gives me the “I remember you, but I don’t know if I like you” hug. But still, it’s a welcome and she remains hospitable by asking if I’d like Naughty Cider.

I agree, take the glass, sip and begin to carefully peruse the vintage goods. Hello, polyester, rayon and ultra-suede! The familiars I find every week in my favorite thrift stores.

The clothes were selected carefully. There’s not stitch out of place or trace of a stain. The clothes range from early 40s to late 70s, and all inspire the over-priced and cheaply made clothes you find everywhere.

This vintage lover is a kindred spirit, as well as her friends. Each were clothed, colored and coiffed in vintage refinery. They’re a pleasant surprise. I’ve obviously stumbled upon a secret vintage community. And it makes me happy.

But my time with this tight-nit and well-dressed phenoms was short lived. Responsibilities and the real world need to be dealt with. But, just as I found the cookie crumbs that lead me to this community, I know that it will lead me back to them. I’ll let you know what I find.


Thrifted D.I.Y.: Clean Your Baubles with Household Products!

If you’ve spent time in a thrift store, you know how dirty your hands can become very very quickly.  So I get why some shy away from jewelry.  It has laid on or been inserted into someone’s skin and most lack shine.  I have a simple solution.

You need:
Microwaveable cereal bowl
Aluminium foil
1 tbps table salt
1 tbps baking soda
1 tbps dish detergent
1 cup hot water

This is a super simple recipe. Microwave the hot water on high for 2 minutes, cut the aluminium foil so that it covers the bottom of the bowl and then place it there. Pour the hot water in the bowl, then add the jewelry. Promptly pour the last three ingredients on top of the jewelry. Give it a stir with the measuring spoon. Allow the jewelry to sit in the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry. I did this twice because thrifted jewelry can be very grimy. I would say it worked out very well!

I just picked up some mint jewelry so I’ll be at all of this again!  😀

Thrifted Revamp

Hello my fabbies!

I thrifted all July 4th.  Except Monday (July 4th) 😦 but everyone needs off one day, right?
I’ll show up what I got in an upcoming blog entry, but first I wanted to do something different. I have a nice little talent for taking a special item and make it look new with a fresh coat of paint or a stain.
First is this awesome hand-carved trinket box from India.  It’s beautiful, right?  But it needs some work!

It’s extremely dusty so I sprayed an All-Purpose cleaner directly to the box so I could get the crevices and blotted it with a papertowl.  (Didn’t realize the cleaner is not meant for wood, so it stripped it down some.  I see this as a possitive because I need the wood to be extremely naked for the stain.)
Then I stained the box with some leftover stain from a distressing kit, which took 3 coats thanks to that cleaner. Each stain coat took 45 minutes to dry due to the high humidity, so did the glossy top coat.

Lesson learned: Stain a wood on a less humid, cooler day and never.use a multi-purpose cleaner again!

On to the next thrifted project.

As always, Keep thrifting!

Last Thrifted Outfit Standing

Okay…more like the only thrifted outfit.

I only styled one thrifted ensemble this week…thanks to two half days and very little to inspire me at the first half of the week.  I think I made up for it yesterday!

It’s very country club/Desperate Housewives-ish.  The top I got from New York and Company last Spring.  It’s deep teal, with crochet/lace on top (strapless bra necessary!), and it warms up my skin tone.

Thrifted items: The tan and white skirt (dry clean only…ugh!), unworn shoes from Target and a taupe suede belt with gold accents.

Accessories: (Thrifted) Polished white quartz and gold beaded necklace and faux pearl necklace from  Old Navy.

Hopefully I can get the creative juices flowing so I can style more thrifted outfits for you guys!

Til then…Keep on thrifting!