Confessions of a Thriftaholic: Blaming It on Being Single

Just because it’s a $1, it doesn’t mean you should buy it.
That should be my mantra when thrift shopping. 
 I will admit it.  I, Shelby, am a shopaholic. Being real with myself has me trying to figure out why.  Since there could be several reasons,  I’ll spare everyone a lengthy blog post!
First: Single People Shop More
Yes, yes we do.  Admit it.  If you are or when you were single you had more “you” time. And what did it look like? Something like this:
  • 5:00 PMT – Change for the gym
  • 5:30 PMT – Kickboxing class
  • 5:45 PMT – Hypothicizing possible date outfits
  • 6:00 PMT – Realize that you are missing a certain something for the possible date
  • 6:30 PMT – Rush home to change…thrift store run in “need”!!!
  • 7:45 PMT – Walk out of the thrift store with about 5 certain somethings that you never really needed in the first place and none of them work for your “possible” date outfit
  • 7:50 PMT – Justify thrift purchases until your buyers remorse goes away

How do I know?  Because this was me yesterday!  But, I don’t have remorse about a single purchase! You wouldn’t either if you bought all of these thrifty beauties!