When It Rains, I Thrift….Again!

There’s something about the tinkling or thunderous pounding of rain that makes people quarantine themselves until the wet plague is over.  While I…I welcome the rain.  Stick out my tongue at an oncoming shower, dance in it…and you better believe I’ll shop in it from now on!


Either this is Ethnic print or a funky Chevron stripe…no matter, this is still chic for the fall. Same goes for the necklace which I thrifted this week as well.


Yet another vintage goodie! This cashmere cardigan is a beautiful teal with textured gold buttons, by the brand “Mary Sachs” for Hadley. This brand was specially for the Harrisburg/Lancaster, Pa. area.


Oooo! Another vintage sweater, this semi-sheer, mightnight blue one is from Pendleton.


This light jacket or heavy cardigan (depending on how I style it) is made purely of wool by the brand Sparrow. Never heard of it…but it’s a gorgeous color and makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood!


Yes…another blazer! But, I’m honing in on the prep school vibe it’s sending me and I’ll be sewing a patch on!


Finally, I only bought this shirt with my boyfriend in mind. I’m in love with the “boyfriend” look, especially with black leggings and these Ed Hardy brown knee-high rugby boots from Amazon!

That’s all I have for now my loves! I can’t wait to share how I styled these goodies!

As I always say…Keep it Thrifty!


Thrifted D.I.Y. – Hem It Up!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been spending more time fixing my thrifted goodies and less time…ahem, hoarding. 😉

And, I have this sneaky little suspicion that I’m missing out on some great finds. But common sense says I can’t keep buying more skirts if I already have a stockpile of beauties that aren’t hemmed.

So the solution: Ultra light Stitch Witchery…aka Instant Hem. It’s super easy to use and ultra effective.
For this thrifty D.I.Y. I started with the cranberry skirt below that needed 4″ cut off, plus an additional inch for the hem.

I simply cut the skirt to the desired lenghth, ironed the inch wide hem, placed the stitch witch in the crease of the ironed hem, turned the skirt inside-out, placed a wet cloth over the section I wanted to hem, and held the iron (on the wool setting) for 10 seconds. And, voila!

It worked so well I hemmed this perky green but shapeless frock below to a very flattering skirt that’s above knee-length. And this almost-maxi black and cream polka-dot number that turned into a very flirty addition to my closet. ;D

More stitch- witched skirts to come! Til next time, Keep on Thrifting!