Thrifty Fall Fashion: The 70s and Jewel Tone Hues

Bring on the kaleidoscope of fall colors!  The apple cider!  The hay rides with my sweetie!

My favorite season is almost upon us!   Okay, not really but I’m so antsy about fall getting here I’m already planning outfits!

I’m itching to get all thrifty on this seasons HUGE trend (imho): the 70s.  I’m ready with my midi and maxi skirts, flared trousers and jeans, patterned sweater vest, tie dye and Grannie dresses (if you don’t know what it is, look it up!)

Fall foliage is the prime material for fall color inspiration.  You normally see various shades of red, yellow, orangre, brown and green.  Then there’s another fall color standard: jewel tones.  I don’t own many jewel toned pieces, so I will be relying on my evern improving dying skills to recreate some of my thrifted favorites!

Here are some of my top thrifted fall wardrobe pieces:

70s Cobalt blue shirt dress

My Ann of Green Gables

Hunter green flowy skirt

Cherry swing skirt

Black swing skirt professional look

Black swing skirt casual look

Sangria skirt professional look

Sangria skirt casual look

That’s all I have for now…Sorry for the odd picture sizing.  My WordPress app doesn’t like!  Funny since they’re made by the same company!  Oh well…onto better posts with better pictures…but still, VERY thrifty!

Keep on thrifting!


Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome Aboard!

I meant to go nautical and went flight attendent instead yesterday.  Overall, I’m proud of the ensemble.  It’s quite charming and interchangeable!   I plan to wear the shirt with dark denim jeggings, snake skin open-toed flats and something in Cobalt blue (one of summers hot colors) will brighten it up. 

Skirt: Community Aid – $1.50
Shirt – Community Aid – $1.50
Shoes – Nine West
Jewelry – Old Navy

I also shared this with my Trimirror app buddies who adored it.  Too bad I don’t have a better camera so you can see how chic and expensive this outfit looks!  Ohhhh well!  On to my next post, til then….Happy Thrifting!