Evolution of (Partially) Thrifted Outfit

There are times I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be the perfect example of a well stocked vintage closet. Plus, it’s summer and who wants to wear polyester in the heat…Phew!

So begins my journey to create something perfect for the season but thrifted too…


It’s the perfect mix of summer staples: The medium blue chambray, the stripes, the above the knee black skirt and to add some edge, black sandles. It was perfect…until I washed the skirt, when it’s supposed to be dry cleaned!

It took me 2 months to find another black skirt to do it justice.


I found this drab, almost midi, but yet not maxi black skirt at Goodwill for $3. It’s the perfect replacement.

I used some stitch witchery and bought some new buttons…


And a found a lighter shirt at Old Navy…


And created a lighter, much chicer, version of the one I partially destroyed (also too hot for the season).

Much better!

Stay Thrifty my Loves!


Keep Calm and Thrift On

Yes…you’ve seen or heard part of this historical saying before. It’s derived from the British saying: Keep Calm and Carry On. Which was plastered on every home, office and subway station and meant to be a morale booster during the Second World War.

And it’s my morale booster now.

Last March I took a chance to retool my wardrobe and rediscover my style. Then met a boy…you know the story…

I thought loved him. Six months later I found he didn’t love me. And I was dumped for the worst reason : because I’m not white. I was in a tailspin. I couldn’t get my sense of empowerment back. I became depressed and stopped blogging.

I did what many of us do in these situations: I jumped into another 6 month rebound relationship.

But I woke up. I realized that I have to not be afraid to be single and move on with the things I love. And, when I do find love I have to NEVER give up on my dreams.

So here I am. Keeping calm about being (***gulp***) single and carrying on with my thrift blog. My first true love. The man-boys…they’ll have to come third. ;P

I’m back! I feel much more like thrifty / witty self. And wait til you see what I’ve been up to lately. Oooo lah lah. I have much to share. ;D

As always…Keep it Thrifty!