Parsimoniously Crafty

Arts and crafts are great post-breakup therapy. And any outfit of mine (thrifted or co-signmened) is nothing without the proper bobbles. Now…to find quirky jewelry to match the new quirky mood I’ve been in!

Easier said than done I’m afraid. Little $ means little to no accessories! I had to get even thriftier, post haste!

So I started with this heavy emerald green agate stone and topaz gems made of glass. (THANK YOU JoAnn Fabrics!)


After that my imagination exploded (Huge thanks goes out to my ex Justin. Your heartlessness proved to be a positive thing!) And everything happened in fateful stages.

I love long necklaces. You can leave them long and strong or delicately doubled. Such as this necklace (Brown and mauve/pink/rose are my favorite color combinations.)


Then I moved onto bracelets. I broke off the backs of two kinds of thrifted pale rose bud earring studs. Found an brass cuff at JoAnn Fabrics and waited for weeks til i found the center piece. This maroon leather rose pendant from Michael’s. And…voila!


And what’s a rose bracelet without a rose ring?!


I love odd pieces too. Like a huge bronze bow pin turned into a ring…


Or a little something vintage inspired on your finger instead of your frame?…


And of course my morning/afternoon/evening go-to Gold Leaf ring (which happens to be as sharp as a knife too)


I have been a very busy woman. I’ve heard that I should go into the jewelry making business…what do you think?


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