A Thrifted and a Gifted

I must say…last week might have been my favorite thrifted outfits from the past month.  There were no easy pairings this week…nothing jumped out at me and said: “Wear me.”

I needed to pair colors and patterns that I wouldn’t…be bold!  Comfort zone be gone!

So this outfit suited my needs perfectly:


Here’s something I’ve never done before…paired a cool and warm tone together. The taupe and black polka-dot semi-sheer shirt is soft but funky while the firery tomato red accordian pleated skirt wakes up the outfit.

This outfit has a special place in my heart because it’s from my noyfriend (may the ‘awww’ing commence). This very basic baby blue and yellow striped shirt was easy to style with a thin brown belt (thrifted), chestnut boots and brown Louis Button inspired purse. Super cozy, casual, fall appropriate and meaningful!


Keep it Thrifty!


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