Thrifty D.I.Y.: Getting Tie-Dyed Up in Knots

Every Friday I struggle with the same thing: I can’t find anything to wear!

Thrifting has opened my eyes. It has drastically changed my taste in clothes. But now I have a tough time finding what to wear with jeans. A simple t-shirt, jeans and sneakers won’t suffice…I’ve never been that girl. And I get my fill of high heels Monday through Thursday so I needed a middle ground…so I decided to start dying my clothes.

I started with this dingy white shirt I thrifted for $3.99 at the Salvation Army in Mount Pocono that I wanted to dye a deep cranberry, with darker wine colored splotches. Then I researched low immersion dying and figured that was the easiest solution. But, I couldn’t find any soda ash so went through with it anyway and it turned out like this:


It wasn’t the piece of art I was looking to create.
So I repeated my steps but soaked the shirt in a hot soda ash bathe for 30 minutes first. The shirt is currently soaking in the same dye bath for the past 3 days…hopefully that makes the dye stick! I’ll update the post as soon as it’s done!

My small dye mishap didn’t stop me from dying this open cardigan/wrap and a searsucker jacket:



This open cardigan was begging to be dyed too, so I low immersed it in falls hottest color: Peacock Blue (combination of Evening Blue and Forest Green).

As for the searsucker…



I call it my “Calm After the Storm” jacket. It goes perfectly with a black camisole and black pants for work or any color jeans for the weekend! I love cheap versatility!

That’s all for now. Hope everyones fall shopping is going well. Keep it thrifty!


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