Thrifted D.I.Y.: Alterations

To be original, you have to go back to the origin.  And, if you need to, improve or alter it to suit your individual taste.Take this shirt for example.  It’s a beautiful cream frilly shirt with princess sleeves.

I love everything but those sleeves.  Soooo, I ripped them out with my seam ripper, folded the edge down, ironed it and bonded it with my stitch witchery.

I tried it on again and it was boxy, so I sewed in a tuck right under the armpit to give it an hourglass figure.

Next on the list is this Black lace dress I purchased for $1 at Volunteers of America.  Very billowy…very 70s…very big…and may be very time consuming.

It’s proof that not everything can be solved with my nimble fingers, sewing kit and stitch witchery! But, I found a local seamstress who I hope can help alter this into a multi-purpose LBD. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I’ll be leaving Blogger for WordPress and Tumblr. PLEASE check me out!

As always….Happy Thrifting!


2 thoughts on “Thrifted D.I.Y.: Alterations

    • Thank you! It took 45 minutes and a lot of pins to take it in 3″ on each side, but I’ll have it by Wednesday. Btw, your blog is great. I’m going to follow it. I’d love for you to follow mine, your feedback would be most appreciated!

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