Favorite Thrifted Outfits of the Week

I have been thanking the fashion “gods” for that 10 for $10 sale at Volunteers of America.  Some of the pieces I found blended perfectly with some thrifted pieces I bought when I first started, but couldn’t find pieces to create the “look” I was going for.
First up…

This is a crazy pair, and this is why: The satiny shirt…it’s a nightie that I plucked from the middle of the women’s short sleeve shirt section at the Salvation Army.  It has this killer v-neck that would normally be inappropriate for work, but has a gorgeous lace embroidery to make it sexy and fitting for the workplace.  The skirt is from my most recent “Stitch Witchery” fun, and makes a great skirt, unfortunately it wrinkles too easily…*sigh*

This outfit is “Accidental Inappropriate Work Attire Gone from Wrong to Ohhhhhh SO Right.”  It started out with that top…well you may know it as the mint green dress from the 10 for $10 post.  I don’t know what I was trying to do that morning by wearing the cream slip and the dress with a brown braided belt.  Fashion luck would have it and I was finishing up making that skirt smaller…the mint green “top” actually matches the dark hunter green border on the tiers of the skirt…the shoes were in the trunk of my car!

I call this My 70s Summer. I wore it with a neutral cardigan that matched the shoes making this perfect for business casual and change into strappy gold high heels to match the long gold chain (sorry…you can’t see it)

That’s all I have my Fashionables!


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