Thrifted D.I.Y.: Clean Your Baubles with Household Products!

If you’ve spent time in a thrift store, you know how dirty your hands can become very very quickly.  So I get why some shy away from jewelry.  It has laid on or been inserted into someone’s skin and most lack shine.  I have a simple solution.

You need:
Microwaveable cereal bowl
Aluminium foil
1 tbps table salt
1 tbps baking soda
1 tbps dish detergent
1 cup hot water

This is a super simple recipe. Microwave the hot water on high for 2 minutes, cut the aluminium foil so that it covers the bottom of the bowl and then place it there. Pour the hot water in the bowl, then add the jewelry. Promptly pour the last three ingredients on top of the jewelry. Give it a stir with the measuring spoon. Allow the jewelry to sit in the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Pat dry. I did this twice because thrifted jewelry can be very grimy. I would say it worked out very well!

I just picked up some mint jewelry so I’ll be at all of this again!  😀


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