Thrifted D.I.Y. – Hem It Up!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been spending more time fixing my thrifted goodies and less time…ahem, hoarding. 😉

And, I have this sneaky little suspicion that I’m missing out on some great finds. But common sense says I can’t keep buying more skirts if I already have a stockpile of beauties that aren’t hemmed.

So the solution: Ultra light Stitch Witchery…aka Instant Hem. It’s super easy to use and ultra effective.
For this thrifty D.I.Y. I started with the cranberry skirt below that needed 4″ cut off, plus an additional inch for the hem.

I simply cut the skirt to the desired lenghth, ironed the inch wide hem, placed the stitch witch in the crease of the ironed hem, turned the skirt inside-out, placed a wet cloth over the section I wanted to hem, and held the iron (on the wool setting) for 10 seconds. And, voila!

It worked so well I hemmed this perky green but shapeless frock below to a very flattering skirt that’s above knee-length. And this almost-maxi black and cream polka-dot number that turned into a very flirty addition to my closet. ;D

More stitch- witched skirts to come! Til next time, Keep on Thrifting!


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