Thrifted Revamp

Hello my fabbies!

I thrifted all July 4th.  Except Monday (July 4th) 😦 but everyone needs off one day, right?
I’ll show up what I got in an upcoming blog entry, but first I wanted to do something different. I have a nice little talent for taking a special item and make it look new with a fresh coat of paint or a stain.
First is this awesome hand-carved trinket box from India.  It’s beautiful, right?  But it needs some work!

It’s extremely dusty so I sprayed an All-Purpose cleaner directly to the box so I could get the crevices and blotted it with a papertowl.  (Didn’t realize the cleaner is not meant for wood, so it stripped it down some.  I see this as a possitive because I need the wood to be extremely naked for the stain.)
Then I stained the box with some leftover stain from a distressing kit, which took 3 coats thanks to that cleaner. Each stain coat took 45 minutes to dry due to the high humidity, so did the glossy top coat.

Lesson learned: Stain a wood on a less humid, cooler day and never.use a multi-purpose cleaner again!

On to the next thrifted project.

As always, Keep thrifting!


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