My Thrifty Style – Brown Is the New Black

Every year there’s a new color…this Spring it was soft colors like pale pink, rose, peach and pale neutrals.  While this summer it’s all about punchy bright colors like coral, cobalt blue and various neons.  And every year everyone says black is in…Black never goes out of style…Black goes with everything.  It’s a classic.

Just like everyone else, I used to own so many black articles of clothing people used to ask if I was from NYC.  Now I say Brown is in.  I’m kind of obsessed with converting and transforming myself and my closet with this earthy color.

Yes, black it can be chic.  But an all black outfit is harsh and doesn’t fit the feminine look I’m going for.  So, I opt to trade out some black accessories uch as a belt for a brown suede with gold detailing.  It nips in my waist and is kind of quirky curve ball.  Love it!

I want to celebrate my womanly form and express my chicness is softer ways.  So brown it is.  What I’ve been doing is slowly styling items with brown; slowly fazing black out.  Now I have more brown purses, accessories and shoes than before and they come in a various shades of brown…cognac, auburn, mahogany,  etc.

Maybe I love brown because it compliments and warms my own shade of brown, a mix of sepia and sienna…or maybe its more of a dark cognac.
Whatever the official shade, this earthy color is bees knees to me.


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