Thrift…For Your Wallets Sake

Since I’ve rediscovered my love for thrifting and rekindled my talent for finding the fashion needle in the uninspiring haystack. I’ve been trying fruitlessly, to encourage my fashion forward girlfriends to join me, and what I got what this…

Aren’t you worried someone will consider you CHEAP?!

Cheap? CHEAP?! I don’t know if they’ve been looking at the news, reading the papers, checking their bank accounts or empty gas tanks. But, the economy isn’t in a better place. Gas is going up, along with food,
clothing, electronics, and anything that’s driven by a big gas guzzling truck.

So in the spirit of being frugal, economical, prudent, cheap…and parsimonious (;-)), here are my top five list of why it’s important to thrift:

Thrift Store Prices Don’t Change with the Price of Gas or Oil…YAY!!!
Because people donate goods sold in thrift stores are sifted through by volunteers. Since there’s no one on the payroll, prices don’t have the gas or labor tied to them.

No Coupon, Text Message or Code Needed to Enjoy Discounts
Most thrift stores, like my favorites Community Aid and Salvation Army, offer 50% off every day (depending on the designated tag color). And of course there’s Wacky Wednesday where the entire store is half-off, except collectables or extremely new items.

Thrift Stores Change with the Seasons
People have to remember, thrift stores are still retailers. They know you’re most likely not going to buy a $2.99 cable knit sweater instead of a lace cami in the beginning of summer. Thrift stores are marketing to you the consumer, just like any other store. So when you come in that sweater will be rows away, while the tanks and shorts will be some of the first rows you see.

Access to VERY Deeply Discounted Vintage Items
Thrift stores are a fantastic way to add individual style to your wardrobe and set yourself apart. No one is going to style pieces you buy the same way. Especially if you deliberately, but successfully, search for brands
that don’t exist anymore, like me!

Thrift Stores are Inspirational
You may be surrounded by odd smells and you may sneeze every time you shift a hanger, but for those of us who don’t live in New York, Boston, Philadelphia or some other metropolitan city, we need inspiration! Take the items below…

The dress is imply 70s; what some call a Midi (not really full-length, not short, just in the middle).  It fits perfectly at the smallest part of my waist and flares out at the bottom.  As soon as I saw this, I stood in awe. I pictured this cool rosie color against my milk chocolate skin and I thought, rose bush. I needed something green…leafy green so I when I found this cloisonné necklace I knew my vision was meant to be.

After those two significant purchases, everything else fell into place easily. The earrings were free, something I found in my mother’s jewelry box, the cognac belt from Goodwill broke up the dress and the cognac wedges complimented everything nicely. What a pretty rose bush I made!

As always…Keep on Thrifting!!!


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