Thriftily Outfitted: Week 1

Hello fabbies! I may have topped myself already!

I’ve been so excited to share what I’ve styled for this week, but I held off so I can try something new. Instead of rushing a “outfit of the day” post everyday, I’ll be posting them once a week. It will save me time, allow for thought provoking and visually pleasing content, and the addition of more articles about my thrifting adventures.
The Thrifty Run-Down
What we have in this weeks collection…Monday: red and white animal print skirt and frilly 50s inspired sweater.  Tuesday: a gauzy, semi-sheer pink blouse paired with a nautical skirt for a look made for the 70s.  Wednesday: a peridot green dress from a big name brand that has a drop waist and soft polo collar that screams 20s and…Thursday: a navy mini polka-dotted skirt from the 90s coupled with a blouse from the 80s!

Main Attraction
My gams! (FYI: Retro speak for legs. ;D) I can’t get enough of them, and working at a conservative and fashion illiterate environment won’t ever stop me.

Red, White and Cute All Over

1970s Thrift Done Right
Green with Thrift Envy

Button me Up and call me Thrifty

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from my readers. Enjoy!!!


One thought on “Thriftily Outfitted: Week 1

  1. omg!! this is awesome! i love the 2nd picture you look sooooo pretty!! your pieces are lovely, you are so rocking that vintage look!LOVE IT!ur #5

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