Thrifty Date Night

I’ve always been the type of woman to take the “bull by the horns,” but never until this week did I ask a guy out on a date!  He’s super shy, so I figured dinner at low-key and laid back diner was the way to go, and a movie afterward. 

Shy guy+simple date=FLORALS!!!  I had to keep the outfit floral, shapely, and flirty.  Starting from top to bottom:

This floral shirt has a cream background with red blossoms and brown leaves all over.  It’s light polyester fabric, long sleves and colors make it easy to wear this fall too.  😉

Brand: College Town – $1.49 (Salvation Army)
I had to pick up the red blossoms with this scarlett red and brown leather purse.  The brand is called Leaders in Leather, from Paraguay, and they hand etch all of their goods.  

Brand: Leaders in Leather – $1.99 (Community Aid)

I found these precious cloisonne earrings in my mothers jewelry box and I always passed them up for hoops, dangly earrings or other accessories that I was used to wearing.  These earrings perfectly match my outfit, without trying.  They’re delicate and perfect for spring.

Cloisonne earrings (Free)

I snagged this bracelet on one of my “Thrifty Inspiration” trips to my favorite stores…in other words, I didn’t mean to buy this bracelet, but it wanted me to.  What kind of thrifty fashionista would I be if I didn’t take this dear home?  😉

Peachy Pearl Bracelet: $.99 Salvation Army

This outfit was everything I’ve been trying to do for my Spring thrift collection.  It was light, airy, form fitting and had plenty of texture.  It’s everything I’m trying to do for Spring.  It was perfect…And hopefully lucky!  😉

Til next time…Happy Thrifting!!!


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