Can You Dig This Bunny At Her Gig?

Can you dig the mixture of pulsating color and retro texture?  Can you dig the A line dress that is neither too long nor too short…it’s just right?  Can you dig this assemble created by this blossoming thrift stylist/blogger?

I definitely did! When I finally gathered the pieces to this ensemble, I felt like a transfixed suburbanite transformed into a little caposhi dudette (=cool chick). At least that’s how I felt yesterday. What makes it even better, it’s my 1st all thrifted outfit!

The dress is an authentic vintage piece of 70s history. And, even more rare, it’s in perfect condition! I didn’t have to mend a single stitch. I wish I could tell you the brand, but the “label” (a piece of ribbon stitched with the brand) is curled up from old age. But, the Union Made tag is in-tact. It’s a vibrant Cerise (thanks and looks as if it was dyed yesterday, with a cloth belt in the same color.

I paired it with light brown sugar colored leather and cork wedges (Community Aid -$4.50), a cute but basic addition. The cognac braided belt (Goodwill -$2) adds some texture, draws attention to the smallest part of my waist, and breaks up the dresses strong color.

The faux jade necklace (Salvation Army -$3.99) is my 2nd favorite thrifted piece and my wild card. It doesn’t seem like it would be matched, but if you take a closer look the “jade” is intermingled with a heavy white bead, etched in gold rose that is painted in with such a close shade of Cerise that it makes the necklace an unpredictable, but obvious choice.
Til I catch you on the thrifty flip-side…Happy Thrifting!!!


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