Rules to Thrift By

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It’s easy to buy the recreation of a popular garment.  But, to find the original, the actual muse of the carbon copy, is a rare and awe-inspiring moment.  Once you’ve found that missing piece to your closet.  Once you realize that all of the sneezing, perusing and frustration was worth it, calm down.  I can see your eyes get wide with excitement.  I can see you clutching your “precious.” And I can see you making a beeline to the nearest dressing room.

Yes, this could be the find of a lifetime, and at the price you may think it’s worth making it work no matter what.  But, depending on the condition of the garment, it might not be.

There are some things you need to know before you take “precious” home. 

Garment MUST fit:  If it’s slightly too big, enough that you’ll need a tailor, then buy away.  But, never buy when it’s too small.  It’s best to take it to a professional. But, beware letting a dress out can be costly. Make sure the garment is worth it.

Condition: The garment should be almost perfect.  That means bypass the items with stains, holes and discoloration unless it can be altered or mended to hide the imperfection.  If not, put it down and walk away.

Accessorize, accessorize, accesorize: Start off in the accessories section.  You can’t go wrong with thrifty jewelry or clutch, and they’ll be the perfect fit every time. 
Special Note: If you want to save money on special occasion jewelry, broaches, revamped jewelry trends or real gold and silver check out the glass counter.  Every thrift store has one located next to the accessories.

When NOT to Buy: Yes, I’m encouraging you not to buy, only if you don’t love your thrifty/vintage item.  Sometimes we tend to over-consume because the purchase is easy on the budget.  Then, 3 months later it’s still hanging in the same spot.  So it ends up being a waste of money, energy and time.

I hope this helps some of you newbies!  Happy Thrifting!


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