Thrifty Adornments GALORE!!!!

I love a handbag…I really do.  And wallets…and clutches, satchels, hobos, duffles, totes, portfolios.  For me handbags are the quickest and most effective way to accomplish a stylish appearance, and of course they’re completely functional.  Handbags help me live an organized, fashion-forward and effective life.  

Honestly, I’m kind of a standard handbag connoisseur.  I like to keep my bags in tune with what I’m wearing, to me it’s vital.  There are so many occasions when we women need a bag, and for each of these we need something that’s appropriate.  You can’t bring a clutch thrift shopping!  Good luck finding that in the midst of your treasures! 

Here’s a list of my ideal bag collection, well, for starters  ;-)…

Standard #1: Day bag in brown

I typically go thrifting with this bag.  It’s light, sturdy and has pockets inside and out that can be zippered.
Salvation Army: $1.50

The second bag is for yard sales and doing chores like going to the laundry mat.
Salvation Army: $.99

Standard #2: Portfolios
And I can never resits a handbag that has its own identity.  Take this bag for instance…

Salvation Army: Scarlet Briefcase/Portfolio $1.99

One thing you MUST know about me…I LOVE the color red! But, not as much as I love vintage. Which is why this piece is PERFECTION!  Why someone would pitch this little beauty is beyond my comprehension.  It has an indent in the front from the handle and few scratches on the back, but a little TLC from crafty lil’ me will make it look as much as it used to.

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