Small-City Thrifters Unite!

The more I read some of these fantastic thrift and discount fashion blogs written by Metropolitan Fashion Amazonzians, the more I realize that we small city women need a voice.  We don’t have access to big city thrift fashion like the DC Goodwill fashion blog.  We are smack dab in the middle, with access to malls where we have to hunt down trendy and cheaply made deals, hunting for the next carbon copy but cute outfit right next to girls half our age OR head to strip malls only to find robo-mom attire desired by…robo-moms.

But we thifters…we are rebels…

We crave a closet other women would drool over…

A closet that allows us to complie and create some of the most authentically thrown-together and chic outfits without having to haggle with a 17 year-old over a fitted red stripped t-shirt or stalk a mom through clothing isles who picked a dress that’s too small for her, but would be perfection on you…

Yes, we thrifters, we crave, and are in desperate need of, a thrifty fashionable outlet…

Keep on Thrifting!


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