Mother: My best friend and fashion icon

(Due to many technical and comuputer errors…this post is late…better late than never I guess.)

On this Mother’s Day, I celebrate the woman who shaped everything I am now and will be in the future.

Even while toting me around, Mom still had a great sense of style

 As a girl, my mother would take me to the local Goodwill to shop for anything and everything.  I used to roam the isles holding my nose from the smell of moth balls, must and body odor, and sneezing from the dust.  I found the store disgusting.  I never understood why she frequented a place that made me itchy and had foul, weird looking clothes.  We weren’t “poor.”

Fast-forward 15 years and I see thrifts stores with the mature and fashionable eye my mother had.  What she saw in a skirt that was too big and misshapen, was a cute pencil skirt after some finagling with scissors
and her sewing machine.  Every piece of clothing had promise, and every household item could find a new home in ours or someone else’s once she repaired or polished it.  She had a gift and her wrestling me through those isles made me see what I could do with purchases like these…

Cream “Wedding” dress: $5.99, down to $2.99

I see this as someone’s wedding dress back in the 60s.  She had a shapely and toned body, bronzed skin and her hair was twisted up with hints of baby’s breath tucked in…And somehow this dress fits me perfectly for a halter.  It accentuates my toned shoulders and hits me at the smallest part of my waist.
I plan to do a 360.  I’ll dye it sapphire or royal blue.  I know I can’t keep the crocheted section from the dye, but some dye remover may help.

As for this dress…

Cream, purple and silver stripped 70s Disco dress: $7.99, down to $3.99
My mother would love this dress.  It’s very 70s.  I would say this used to be a disco party dress.  Best thing about it is that it’s perfect, except for the slight brown stain 4 inches down from the neckline.  So, I plan to create a slight deep v-neck to hide it.  I think this dress needs a v-neck…don’t you?  😉
So these two dresses and the skirt from my first post while be my spring D.I.Y. project.  I’ve never sewn before, so this should be an interesting experience.  But, I think my mother would be proud of my fashionable ambition.  I’ll update the blog with the final pieces in a month…
As always…Happy Thrifting!

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