Welcome to my closet!

I’m busy building the best closet of my life…
I’m more than a fashionista, more than a TJMaxinista…I’m the future of fashion on a dime…
I’m the sparkling example of a thirft shopper who knows the perfect find takes time…

A great sense of fashion isn’t nature, it’s nurtured, and my parents did a smashing job without even trying.  I had the “matching without trying” outfits, the jellies before they were popular; the shoe collection that could’ve fit more than one child.  I was bred to find the best pieces at a fraction of the price everyone else was paying.  And because of that, I was always the girl with the ripped, sequined, embroidered jeans before anyone else, even though I was plus-size.

My sense of fashion was cultivated by working in a plus-size clothing store and  rippened over the years after I shed over 90 pounds.  Now,when I see the potential in frocks others scoff at and create an outfit that would be in a fashion magazine…

So this is an invite to my closet!  WELCOME!…

Where I Shop: Thift shops like the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Community Aid and Volunteers of America, a pletora of Co-signment stores (that are all in a 5 mile radius), plus the discount stores like Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, and sometimes from the generic mall/department stores if something is on sale. 

Where I Don’t Shop:  Department stores and typical mall stores (unless I need a t-shirt for less than $5).  I actually hate department stores because they supply clothing and accessories that anyone can get.  And I don’t want just anything that anyone can get, I want something that only I can get, only I have, only I can put an outfit a certain way.  Because I’m an only child and I’m greedy like that.  ;D

What I Bought (as of 4.18.11):

Goodwill: Straw purse with genuine leather handles and non-removable strap for $2.97!!!

 How perfect would this be with a royal blue sun dress, off-white cut out flats, simple and tortoise shell wrap around glasses?!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t envision this outfit because the dress (to come in a different post) wasn’t in my possession yet…I ended up giving this purse to one of my girlfriends…I wonder if she’d loan it back to me…

Community Aid: Crimson and cream knee length skirt for $1.99

When I passed this skirt I gave it a double take.  It’s hard to see from the picture, but there are three different patterns.  Most of the skirt is covered in different sizes of cream hearts, while the underlying pattern is paisley which is only apparent where there’s cream.  It also has pockets…(Ahem, SOOOOO 80s.).  It’s the oddest skirt I’ve ever seen, but once on I knew it had to be mine.  It fits perfectly at my waist and flares out past my knees.  Of course, I started brainstorming outfit ideas and made plans to have the skirt shortened and have the pockets sewn shut.  (Watch out for a future blog post with the transformed skirt!)

 Community Aid: Vintage Cream ruffled shirt for $1.99!!!

 This shirt may take another blog entry to explore and explain.  It’s quite a find for two reasons: 1) It’s vintage.  I came to this conclusion when I was inspecting the inside of it for a tag and came upon a tiny, and very worn down, tag that said it was “Union made.”  Hardly anything says that anymore, and if it does the tag isn’t worn down.  2) It was in perfect condition.

Since a vintage and perfect shirt is RARE in a thrift store, I’m going to dig into the shirts past.  I have to know where this perfect little piece of fashion history came from!

So that’s a little sneak peek into what I find fashionable.  Please check back to see how I transform that crazy heart covered skirt or what I pair with the vintage frock…and what did my friend wear with the adorable straw bag…Hmmm!  ;D

Til then…Happy Thrifting!!!


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